How To Create A Website Like Airbnb

April 30, 2017
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In this tutorial, I will reveal my experiences in some projects that can help you create a Website like Airbnb.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is one of the leading online hospitality service marketplaces that allowing people to rent or lease lodging including accommodations, apartment leases, homestays, hotel and rental resort rooms. The company will not have their own lodging; they are only an agent and receives some commission from both parties with every booking. There are over 3,000,000 lodging entries in 65,000 metropolitan areas and 191 countries, and the expense of lodging is defined by the owner of property. You can say Airbnb a collaborative and sharing approach. Using this approach now Airbnb is now becoming the leading platform that has increased the number of customers with sellers.

How to create Website like Airbnb

Cost of building website like Airbnb

There are numerous development concerns, who exactly acquired much business to use a marketplace booking website. They can be highly flexible for developing a website like Airbnb. From primary stage to end there are specific stages involved regarding cost and development which are mentioned below.

Domain Registration

First of all, you need a domain with a catchy name that you can use to attract more and more potential customers. There is a number of domain provider you can buy a domain name starting from $10 to onward depend on the feature you use.

Hosting Plans

With a variety of features, there is a number of hosting providers. You can use services of any top hosting provider like Siteground, Cloudways, Bluehost, GoDaddy and many others. Most hosting plans for standard websites starting from $100 to onwards depending on the space you use.

Design & Development

Every person has their own requirement while designing and developing an online marketplace. But if you want readymade Airbnb website then buy Airbnb script that cost you in between $599 to $799. The main benefit you can get from this script is the quick and instant start of your online marketplace.

Steps to Create a Website like Airbnb

Buying Domain & Hosting

You can choose affordable hosting and domain plans at Cloudways. You can choose a plan that suits your website needs. For a huge website that have thousands of listing and site feature, you need a big hosting plan that have more bandwidth with web space. You can get discount package start for $7 to $20 per month.

Setting up Magento 2 via Cloudways

Cloudways offer a number of hosting packages and other services that are necessary for running an online marketplace. You can easily set up Magento 2 on your website using the awesome services of Cloudways which include magneto hosting, theme, and tutorial that help you to understand the whole developing process. That make your work easy and quality one.

Also Cloudways offer 14 days trial for new account.

Setting up of Airbooking Extension for Magento

After using Magento on your website to make it an online marketplace you must need Airbooking which is an Airbnb Clone Script that helps you to if you are running a real estate or any other business that required online booking.

It is an online rentals system that also has booking platform for vocational booking. Whereby it linked the individuals and companies that have space for rent as well as the individuals and travelers who are looking for these rental spaces. Airbnb clone script gives access to develop you own vacation rental platform which will beneficial for both individuals who are looking for space rental as well as buyers.

This is actually the best script for a business owner to develop their own online marketplace with the reservation system. It’s really a flexible code that provides you the opportunity of modifying the code according to your requirements. So you don’t need a separate script for your custom features just make changes in the code and let get started.

Purchase and Setting up

You can purchase the Airbnb Clone Script which cost is $699. This package include Magento Multi Vendor Extension with this clone script to converting your store into and online marketplace. Normally the cost of Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension is around $299. There are a number of features offered by this extension but some of the main features are below:

  • Vendor Management
  • Order Management
  • Transaction & Shipping Management
  • Payment Methods & Commission Management
  • Store product management
  • Seller Management
  • Seller Price Comparison

And many other features that help you to run your online marketplace smoothly.


At the end, I just want to say that whatever you are looking for in developing a website that works same as Airbnb, you need Airbooking with Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension to get the true essence of the online marketplace with online reservation system.

If you are running an online hoteling, restaurant, Accommodation or any other business that require online marketplace with reservation system Airbooking with Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension is the best option for you. So don’t hesitate to buy one or contact us for more information about our product and services.

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